Top 9 Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Business

Digital Marketing for restaurant business: Aa man delivering food to door step

We are into the digital age where every step of people is linked to the digital world. It has taken over every aspect of our lives. Tasks like shopping, living, looking for employees or work, gaining information on something are dependent on this digital world. Overall this era can be described as a digital generation. Due to increased competitiveness in today’s world running a business is not as easy as it used to be. The restaurant industry is undoubtedly one of the most competitive industries and therefore many challenges to make their business stand out and attract a large number of customers. You require the kind of tools to make your business look impressive and attract people.


A. Why Digital Marketing is Important for Restaurant business?

Most customers access information about a restaurant through their smart devices. Digital marketing is one of the best strategies to attract customers near and far. If you are still confused about whether to employ digital marketing techniques or not, here we have provided a few logic and reasons that could convince you right away:

  1. Social media promotions:

    Digital marketing is one of the best and easy ways to post about different promotions and offers which will help invite more customers. This means if you are giving any discount on some dishes on the weekdays then social media is the best platform to post about it and get maximum results out of it.

  2. Online reviews:

    You have a huge impact on potential customers looking for online reviews of your business. Online reviews from customers help to provide a real-time experience for the customers visiting the restaurant. In this way, people can get proper information about your restaurant, whether it is good or bad.

  3. Taking Orders Online:

    The ultimate goal of online marketing is to attract more diners, but many people will check on you online before they even set foot in your restaurant. They can even use your website to order food. If you operate a casual restaurant or a gourmet reservation, use the online functions that accept export or delivery orders. You can even try both if you want! No matter which option you add, your informational website can become a sales funnel.

  4. Increase brand recognition:

    When you do digital marketing, especially through social media, your customers have the freedom to contact you and comment on your new promotions and posts. This means you have a personal relationship with each customer, which increases brand awareness and fosters loyalty with them. In this way, customers feel connected to the brand.

B. 9 Digital Marketing Strategy for Restaurant Business

You already know that marketing is the most important tool in finding and retaining customers. But did you know how important digital marketing is for the success of your restaurant business? Let us tell you the strategy behind this. 

  1. List your restaurant in Google my business:

    It is one of the essential strategies for Digital Marketing for Restaurant Business. When you stay present in the google listing and the local SEO is strong, it becomes easy for your customer to reach you. Your business gets high visibility and the chance to get frequent orders is increased. They can call you and follow the map and reach your restaurant. 

  2. Email marketing:

    Nothing is as professional and personal as sending an email. Keep in touch with your customers with congratulatory messages and offer them great deals. Share your kitchen specials, give them a chance to talk to your chefs, let them know about your recent dishes, etc. This can enhance long-term relationships and encourage a sense of belonging in the customer.

  3. An attractive website:

    You need to build your website as attractive as your food platter. Amazing images, easy navigation and an appealing website design are the most significant factors that will add up to boost your digital marketing strategy and invite customers

  4. Social media advertising:

    Most of your target audience is very active on social media platforms. Of course not all social media users are your target audience, but the fact is, they are present on social media. To wow people with your restaurant, you need to offer great deals and delicious food, show them a glimpse of the new recipes, give gifts and discounts, link food to memes, share your original photos with staff, and many more. There’s a lot you can do for your restaurant on social media.

  5. Video marketing:

    Honestly speaking, people nowadays do not have time to read long articles & blogs posts. It is a high- speed era where your customers may choose to watch an interactive video rather than reading. Being in the food industry, create videos that display a fantastic menu, delicacies and ambience and showcase your restaurant’s special recipe. Experiment on such interactive videos and share them on social media platforms for the best engagement.

  6. Influencer marketing:

    If you are looking for a larger target audience, consider influencer marketing. Social media influencers are those people who have earned credibility within certain industries, and as a result, have thousands of followers. If there are any such influencers in your locality, you may invite them to eat at your restaurant for free. If they like your food, ask them to create a post about your restaurant.

  7. Connecting with local businesses:

    Another Top Digital Marketing strategy for Restaurant Business is utilizing other small businesses in your area other than restaurants. You can work hand-in-hand with the owners by guest- posting on respective sites recommending each other’s services. Like, connect with your local hotel owner and ask them to recommend your services to the travelers and guests. In return, offer discounts to the customers sent by them.

  8. Target advertising:

    Whenever you use ads for your restaurant, keep it targeted. The amazing offers and discounts attract foodies to your restaurant. Give them a reason like ” why should you choose us” in the ad content. Highlight your offers in the image text and descriptions accompanied by a call to action message such as Reserve Your Table Now, Grab your meal, Order now, Happy moments etc.

  9. User- generated content:

    This is one of the effective ways to get unique content & involve your customers in fun activities. Encourage  your customers to click on images of the ambience, staff and share them on social media platforms with mentions & hashtags of your restaurant. It can be done for home delivery consumers too. Try to inspire them with interesting perks like if you win the most clicked contest, you will get one dine-in dinner or a special day lunch for free.

To conclude ,your restaurant should offer a culinary experience that pleases all your senses. Create a digital marketing strategy that evokes the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of your restaurant, and you’ll have a house-full every night. Need help creating a successful digital marketing plan for your restaurant? Do not worry. Let us help you. Being the Best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata, we have helped businesses reach more customers and increase their profits. Contact us today for customized offers to make your restaurant marketing campaign more successful than ever.

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